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WWDC Special Event Keynote(2020): All you need to know

Every year Apple hosts their worldwide Developer Conference in California to announce all the latest features and developments for their products , and this year was no different even if it was held virtually. They showed off some very exciting technology and in this article, we will explore some of the most promising tech and give our honest opinion about the event.


For customization

  • New wallpapers

  • New UI & Icons

Apple is also working on a virtual car key, which users can use for wirelessly unlocking their car. It is expected to first be seen on the BMW M5 series.


Can detect which device you're using & will play audio from the current device.

WatchOS 7:

i) Handwash feature:

It can hear with microphones the sound of the water and washing of hands and automatically sets a timer for 20 seconds, trying to make sure you thoroughly clean your hands, due to the current situation.

ii) Sleep Tracking:

As seen in many fitness tracking applications and wearable devices over the last few years, this feature is now on the apple watch. It can track when you go to sleep, how long you have actually slept and the quality of your sleep, which can be useful for fitness enthusiasts.


For the last few years, Apple have been making some significant changes to the User Interface and Experience, and this year was no different.

1. Widgets:

This year, ios finally gets widgets, just like android has had for years,but it comes with a slight twist- The widgets are customizable and have a "smart stack" which is a fancy way of saying that the apps are ordered based on their relevance based on the time of the day.

2. Siri:

Siri gets a new animation and also gets a new interface and users will be able to enter text in or dictate messages and will be able to translate into 11 languages - English, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese,Korean, Arabic, Portuguese, and Russian, all of which will be supported at launch.

3. Messages:

Pinned conversation

You can pin conversations to the top of the imessages app.

Inline replies:

Useful for group chats, features like slack.

4. Maps:

Although Apple made the ridiculous claim that apple maps was the best way to navigate, they did present some vey interesting features. Some of the most exciting maps additions are:

i)Cycling directions

Apple is adding new long awaited features to the Maps application such as giving cycling directions,but it is only set to initially launch in 6 cities - New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Shanghai, and Beijing. Users will be able to see elevation changes, and Apple Maps will even be able to suggest if people should take a flight of stairs to save time or allow them to route around steep hills. Cycling directions will be available in watchOS 7, too.

ii)EV Routing: This is surely one of the more interesting features that would go under the radar. If you happen to own an electric vehicle, maps will now make it possible for the users to plan trips better and show them when and where they can charge their vehicle, especially in places that are compatible with their vehicle.

iii) Look Around:

Yet another feature that has been on Google for a very long time finally comes to IOS, although not ideal, it is an encouraging sign to see apple take steps to make the experience better for their users.

Apple’s “Look Around” feature (which is like Google’s Street View), and indoor maps for airports and shopping centers.

*ipados is set to get similar features, adapted for the display.


The announcements for the Mac series of products were very exciting as it sounded like Apple is making some big changes to some of their hardware and software.


macOS Big Sur:

At first glance, it would appear that Apple isn't really doing much innovation, especially when they're bringing a lot of android like features to iOS, but the macOS experience is an entirely different world - bringing the notifications centre and the ipad/ios experience to the desktop. However, the idea of streamlining the user experience is one of the most Apple-y things to do, and could lead to interesting use cases, both for developers and users.

The macOS experience is about to change, and it's going to have a lot more features typically found in the mobile versions.

Safari gets an update, and Apple claims it'll be 50% faster than Chrome.

Action Center comes to the macOS, just like in IOS.

Hardware: Some of the biggest announcements came from this department such as:

Apple Silicon:

Apple has been working secretly for a while on their own processor architecture, and gradually move away from intel based CPU's and this year they finally officially announced the A12Z Bionic System on a Chip (SoC).

Developers will be able to easily convert their existing apps to run on Apple silicon, taking advantage of its powerful technologies and performance. And for the first time, developers can make their iOS and iPadOS apps available on the Mac without any modifications.

Apple said that they will still support intel based devices that they've already released and have some intel based devices in the pipeline, so it'll be interesting to see how the new Apple Silicon compares to the top-end Intel CPU's which are widely considered to be the best in the world.

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