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Top 3 announcements from WWDC 2019.

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

World Wide Developers Conference is held by Apple every year to announce new products or software updates that give us an idea about what plans they have for the future and this year was no different, Apple went on to make a number of huge announcements. In this article we will recap 3 of the most exciting announcements and what the announcement signifies for the company.

WWDC 2019 was held in San Jose.

1.Mac Pro

The Pro-Sumer (a clever wordplay on professional consumer) market is a new niche which is constantly evolving and is diverse in nature , however their expectations are similar - they require a computer which is reliable, one that they can count on whenever needed and it should perform at a very high level.

Over the last 5-6 years, the iconic Mac lineup has been ignored with only the iMacs getting yearly updates with refreshed internals which are incremental in nature, but over the last year Apple has released the Mac Mini and the iMac pro which are both extremely capable machines on paper. The only device remaining in the lineup due for the upgrade was the Mac Pro, which was last released in 2013 which looked something like this:

Also popularly called in the tech community as the "TrashCan Mac" due to its appearance

The 2013 model was a mixed bag, on one hand it was extremely powerful and ahead of its time, but on the other hand the design was flawed and it was too expensive for most potential customers. This same device has been updated in 2019 to now look like this :

The design has clearly improved to look more modern.

Critics were quick to make fun of the design likening it to a cheese grater, however the design actually makes a lot of sense, it is easy to carry the system with the handles on top and the holes on the front allow the computer to vent out the heat, which is a good thing given Apple's recent track record with thermal issues on their devices, the MacBook Pro lineup in particular.The Mac Pro also has wheels on the bottom so you can transport it easier than before?

One of the best things about the new Mac Pro is that it is now more possible and convenient than ever to upgrade components like ram manually without having to pay a ton of money for Apple do something simple. This is a good sign as it indicates that Apple still has some respect towards the consumers by providing them exactly what they want.

Technically speaking the new Mac Pro is supposed to be a beast of a performer with the internals it has been engineered with:

8-core Intel Xeon 3.5GHz



Radeon Pro 580X graphics card,

There will be multiple build-to-order options and configurations available with up to 1.5TB of RAM, Radeon Pro Vega II Duo graphics and a 28-core Xeon Processor.

These are exceptionally good specifications for any computer especially one that is being marketed to a commercial audience albeit a niche market. These computers wont be cheap and will set one back by around 6,000$ - 45,000$ depending on the configuration you choose.

2.iOS 13 and Ipad OS

iOS this year brings some improvements to the existing iOS 12 which is already a solid operating system. This year Apple decided to catch up with their Google counterparts by :

i)Adding Swiping on Apple stock keyboard, a feature which has been on Google's keyboards for ages.

ii)Making Apple Maps more like Google Maps.

iii)Apple ID Sign-in option in apps for developers.

Craig Federighi said updaters can expect 30% faster Face ID unlock, and for apps to launch twice as quickly - as well as smaller app download sizes.

Dark Mode, as heavily predicted ahead of the event, arrived too. This will apply system-wide but developers will need to build in compatibility for third-party apps.

These are signs that Apple has accepted the template that Google has implemented, and that they are making a conscious effort to satisfy their users and fix the minor drawbacks that people normally complain about. This is a positive step by Apple as they are visibly making changes to improve themselves rather than force half-baked products to their customers.The Ipad is also expected to get its own version of iOS which is aptly termed "ipad Os" and will feature some neat software updates which would make it more like a portable computer than before.

3. Apple Pro Display XDR

Apple shocked the audience when they announced the stand for the XDR display priced at around a 1000$. the stand alone has become a centre of attention and people have been constantly poking fun at Apple for the announcement and rightly so, however people seem to overlook just how good the XDR display itself is.

XDR stands for extreme dynamic range which denotes a significantly higher standard than HDR.

That’s made possible by two key elements: a backlight array of custom-tuned blue LED lights that will locally dim on the screen to offer real contrast between dark and light scenes. They’re so bright that they’re capable of running at 1000 nits indefinitely, and can boost up to 1600 nits.

This is highly demanding on the display to constantly operate at such a high level of brightness and will generate significant heat. Fortunately, Apple has designed a solution to vent the heat out through the small round bubbles which act as a heat sink and make the monitor look like a cheese grater on its back.

The 32 Inch monitor gets extremely bright with a 6016 x 3384 resolution and the colour reproduction here is 10-bit and P3 wide gamut which is great for creative professionals.The screen also has good viewing angles as Apple has put a reflective coating to make it less reflective and more viewable.

The stand was probably the most embarrassing stunt Apple has ever tried to pull off as the crowd was heard to be booing when they announced the 999$ price tag. It might have been safer to just sell the display for 6000$ in all rather than announce them separately as this display seems like it would be totally worth that hefty price tag even if it is for a small niche market.

It is refreshing to see Apple trying to innovate in different consumer electronic devices and pivoting away from the iPhone which to be fair has been underwhelming for the last few years. By bringing such innovative and advanced technologies to the market, Apple stay true to their roots of innovating and bringing futuristic products to the market.The display is expected to go on sale this fall around October.

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