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A missed call and your whatsapp hacked !?

You will receive a call on Whatsapp. even though you don’t answer it, hackers will inject the malicious code in your smartphone.

This malicious package will compromise your storage, emails, contacts, microphone, location, and even camera.

But however is it happening?

Recently, Whatsapp admitted it had a loophole. This loophole was exploited by the hackers. A simple voice call from Whatsapp would enable the hacker to install Pegasus spyware from NSO on Android and iOS devices. You don't even have to respond to the call. A call that has been missed can do its job.

All information about your device will be available to hackers. This spyware accesses the location of your phone.

What is NSO ?

NSO is an Israeli-based cyber-surveillance company that leases its highly sophisticated' Pegasus' spyware to intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies to penetrate criminals and terrorists '


This spyware was leaked into the wrong hands, however. The result is now visible. Hackers steal Whatsapp user information by using Whatsapp phone calls to attack them.

What to do now ?

The company launched the security patch as soon as Whatsapp got the information on this issue. Updating your Whatsapp from your Google Play Store or Apple App Store is all you need to do. If you keep your phone OS updated to the latest version, it will be even better. That's it.

Share with your friends and family and ask them to update whatsapp and stay protected.

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